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Guangzhou Textiles Holdings Limited was selectedfor many official activities of the 132nd Canton Fai


Guangzhou Textiles Holdings Limited practice the concept of green participation, goes all out to participate in the 132nd Canton Fair, has been selected for a number of official activities, and grabs online traffic to improve the effectiveness of the exhibition.
Natural plant fiber fabric is a popular fashion favorite. The company’s environment-friendly antibacterial clothing series based on the new reclaimed cellulose fiber fabric was successfully selected into the new product debut and debut event held by the conference and received positive response.
The company actively coordinates the activities of the conference and selected for the “Trade Bridge”——The 132nd Canton Fair Global Trade Promotion, the sales staff around the purchasing needs of customers, carefully prepared products and promotion display, the negotiation has obtained positive feedback, for the two sides to open the space of cooperation.
With the aim of “Setting up the quality standard and guiding the design innovation”, the selection of Canton Fair Design Award continues. After being evaluated by global buyers and industry authorities, the company launched a new“Environmental antibacterial clothing series” two independent innovation products were shortlisted, and the environmental antibacterial coat was outstanding, won the 2022 Canton Fair CF Award Bronze Award for lifestyle category. This is the third time the company won the award.This is the company’s product research and development design, production technology and other comprehensive capabilities of affirmation.


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